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Please notes

The information presented here is done so with the best of our knowledge. For further information please visit the RBWM Flooding update page.

For more information regarding flood levels and conditions look at the Environment Agency site.


The Legend / Layers of information


Zoom to a location Click on the Find Address tab to the left of the map. Start to type in a postcode or address. A list should appear containing matched addresses or postcodes. By clicking on a returned match you will be taken to that location on the map.

Take me to this function will zoom you to the areas of such as Maidenhead, Windsor or Ascot and Sunningdale.

Zooming into the map.You can zoom into the map via either the + (plus) button displayed in the top left of the map or by using your computer mouse wheel. By zooming in additional information will be displayed such as road and school names.

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